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“In Lady Isadora’s voice hear the singing of quartz bowl bells... an instrument of surpassing beauty with which she tells our tales and sings our souls.”
Green Egg

“...soaring flutelike exaltation... lushly beautiful melodies combine with words of power...”

“...an intelligence not often seen in this field... Raise your expectations for pagan music.”
The Red Queen

“Her pure soprano voice comes from deep within her soul... Inspired and fulfilling music, highly recommended.”
Heartsong Review

“Like the sirens of mythology, Isadora calls our spirits to join her in ecstasy... this songstress is truly the Queen of Musical Witches.”
– SkyDragon of Lucidian, For the Lord and Lady

“...a Pagan National Treasure...”
– Michelle Mays, Fireleap: the Beltane Collection, et al.

“...a cauldron of mixed delights and metaphors... Candy for the ear, intellect, and spirit.”
– Lord Foxglove, author of Advancing the Witches’ Craft

“...this gorgeous haunting voice to rival Sarah Brightman, guitar prowess to rival Lita Ford, and a songwriting gift to rival Lennon-McCartney.”
– Phoenix NightSong of NC, via email (used with permission)

“You’re AWESOME! Thank you thank you thank you for YEARS of enjoyment of your music! You ROCK, sister!”
– Hunter Nolen of NE, musician, via email (used with permission)

“Yum... musical nirvana!! Lady Isadora is a terrific singer... guitar skills to rival Bonnie Raitt... stellar.”
– Listener review on Amazon.com

“...[Isadora’s first album, The Witching Hour] changed my life as a young girl... The most beautiful songs, the most beautiful voice, and all the passion, devotion, and joy you could ever want...  A classic.”
– Listener review on Amazon.com

“I’ve been a huge fan since hearing Priestess of the Pentacle back in the early ‘90s... no one writes or sings of the true Craft like Lady Isadora.”
– Wendy Snow Fogg, Director, Misty Meadows Herbal Center, NH,
www.mistymeadows.org, via email (used with permission)

“...we had 3 hurricanes hit us in the space of one year... of all the stuff I lost, [Lady Isadora’s albums were] the one thing I have made an effort to replace. There just isn’t anything like her music anywhere.”
– Johnnie Lee Devlin, FL, via email (used with permission)

“Isadora sings like the mermaids, full of truth and magic... lyrical, yet politically astute as well. A rare combination...”
– Shekhinah Mountainwater, Songs and Chants of the Goddess, Witch-a-Way, et al.; author of Ariadne’s Thread: A Workbook of Goddess Magic

“Listen to this music in a darkened room lit by candlelight, and let the magic happen.”
The Beltane Papers

Hailed by reviewers and listeners as a performer of vision, passion, and extraordinary talent, Lady Isadora is an exciting phenomenon in Pagan music. With her bewitching vocals and often lutelike guitar, she conjures up a unique bardic brew from folk, rock, blues, classical, and medieval-Renaissance influences.

Isadora’s classic recordings The Queen of Earth and Sky, Priestess of the Pentacle, and The Witching Hour are now available on CD, with new albums forthcoming as Isadora expands her career into mainstream music. Sublimely Witchy, but not for Witches only, her fine works will inspire and enchant all who dream, dare, desire, and dance to the rhythms of Mother Earth.

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