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October 1989


Lady Isadora and her former partner, Lord Pan, have tentatively agreed to record a musical reunion album as a follow-up to their pioneering, highly successful Pagan music classic, The Witching Hour. Recording and release dates for this project are yet to be determined, but the former duos daughter Andred will also perform on the album. Isadora has additional solo and collaboration CDs in the works, as well. Stay tuned for further details!   


A handsome new but distinctly familiar-seeming young kitty has come into Isadora’s life: whip-smart green-eyed black cat Mr. Lucky, showing up lost and hungry on Isadora’s doorstep on the 4th of July. Isadora and her daughter Andred are thrilled, and recall they were watching the old James Cagney movie Yankee Doodle Dandy the night before their adored Pyewacket died in 2009. The more things change, the more they stay the same!

The long-anticipated release of Lady Isadora’s CDs has arrived! Visit the Order page for more details. Happy Hallowe’en!


Isadora has lost her father three days after what would have been his 60th wedding anniversary with Isadoras mother, who died in 2008. Please visit In Memoriam, Isadoras tribute page to her beloved parents.                                                             

Earlier this year, Isadora lost her cherished longtime feline familiar, and her mothers, Pyewacket. “Wacky” was a yellow-eyed tuxedo cat of vigilant loyalty, startling intelligence, and memorable beauty. Isadora grieves, but awaits her dear old kittys return once again in new form after resting in the bosom of Bast.


Isadora is pleased to have made a full recovery from a very painful partial spinal fracture, suffered this past winter during an inglorious incident of sudden, involuntary “skating” down some icy stairs – ruefully referred to by her as “my Winter Olympics Spectacular”.  However, she is now recovering (praise Odin!) from right eye retinal reattachment surgery, which unexpectedly became necessary in late June. 

Isadora was to have honored both her home states this year by performing at the Des Moines, Iowa Pagan Pride Day in September, and headlining at the New York Witch Festival on Long Island, New York, in October. Sadly, the death of Isadora's mother and continued recovery from health issues have prevented her from attending either event.


Two of Isadora’s songs, “Witch” from The Queen of Earth and Sky and “Wintry Skies” from Priestess of the Pentacle, have been included in a Pagan music compilation CD and sent to Pagan US soldiers in Iraq. Other musicians on the album are Michelle Mays (who coordinated and produced the CD in conjunction with Circle Sanctuary), SJ Tucker, Music for the Goddess,  Alexian, Sona, and Dana Davis.

October 2009

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