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* “Witch” June 21, 2005
* “Wintry Skies” October 31, 2005
* “Masters in This Hall” December 21, 2005
* “Come, Witches, to the Dance!” April 30, 2006
* “Samhain Fires” Novermber 5, 2010
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After the Death of Arthur The Knight and the Old Dame The Realm of Faerie
Beneath the Silvered Moon La Figlia di Diana Royal Green
Bittersweet Letter To Anne Frank Samhain Fires
Come, Witches, to the Dance! Lion-Hearted Woman Swan Song
Doors of Wonder Maid Marian’s Lament Table Round
Drawing Down the Moon Masters in This Hall ’Tis Hallowe’en
The Effigy Mistress of the Mysteries Tower of Winds
Eternal Child O Freyja, Thou Lovely Twa Corbies
The Goddess Sings Our Lady Greensleeves Wintry Skies
Heartbeat of Creation The Pen Is a Magic Wand Witch
The Holly King The Pentacle and the Rose Witches and Amazons
In the Beginning The Pipes of Pan Witches’ Brew Blues
The Inch Worm Priestess Of the Pentacle The Witching Hour
Isis Prologue Ye Birds and Ye Beasts
The King of Hearts The Queen of Earth and Sky