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The Pipes of Pan

“The Pipes of Pan”
words by Lady Isadora
music by Lord Pan
©1981, 2006, 2010

Hearken, my Witches, for the Pipes of Pan are sounding from afar...echoing down from the time before Time... calling, calling, calling us back to the worship of long ago. For in this music of enchantment there sounds a note for each one of us: for all Witches, everywhere – Past, Present, and Future – which are but the three faces of the Eternal Now. Let us follow the Pipes of Pan, my Witches, and hear His sweet music face to face... for hearken: it is the music of our own souls.

In a dream I saw Him, the fair Horned God of the Greenwood, and the beauty of the Goddess shone forth from His eyes, and the sunlight gleamed lovingly on the rich wild curls of His proud head, and He laughed merrily as He beckoned to me to join Him in that woodland glade.

“Come hither, Divine Child of Human Longing, and I will teach to thee the Dance of the Winds and the Wild Things!” And saying this, He raised to His lips the sevenfold Pipes of Joy, and played upon them the sweetest music that e’er enticed the heart of Woman.

“O yes, beloved Pan, I will come,” said I, “for I too am a dancer, and when Thou hast taught me Thy dance, so will I then teach Thee mine. For though I was born in city, and schooled by book, yet do I also know the steps to the Throne of Wildness... O, I have known them from the very womb. Am I not a daughter of the Goddess, the Queen of Life? Am I not myself Goddess, being Woman?”

“Yes, proud child,” said He with a secret smile. “Indeed, thou art thyself a Queen – Mistress of Thine Own Life – and ’tis well thou knowest thyself for Goddess in Woman, for She is within thy very body and womb and spirit. But surely thou hast not forgotten that I, Her Son and Seed, am Her Second Self? That I am in Mine own way Goddess Manifest as well?” And His voice was gentle with Her gentleness, and as I looked deep into His eyes, I saw there reflected the light of the silver Moon, though it was broad day.

“I am not so blind, nor such a fool, sweet Pan,” said I, “for I have seen Who looks forth from the depths of Thine eyes, and I have not forgotten that we are a part of one another, Thou and I, and have been so from the beginning of Time.”

And when I had said these things, Great Pan of the Greenwood reached out His arms to me with a sunny smile, and said: “Come hither, Divine Child of Human Longing, and we shall dance together the Dance of the Winds and the Wild Things... for O, ’tis glad I am that thou has not forgotten Me!”

“The Pipes of Pan”
from The Witching Hour
by Lady Isadora with Lord Pan
©1981, 2006, 2010
Dance of Life Productions (ASCAP)

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