Song Samples

The Witching Hour
(with Lord Pan) ©1981, 2006, 2010
The Queen of Earth and Sky
©1990, 2010
Priestess of the Pentacle
©1990, 2010
The Witching Hour Prologue Priestess Of the Pentacle
‘Tis Hallowe’en The Queen of Earth and Sky The Inch Worm (duet with Andred)
Bittersweet In the Beginning O Freyja, Thou Lovely
After the Death of Arthur Mistress of the Mysteries Table Round
The Knight and the Old Dame Samhain Fires* Maid Marian’s Lament
Tower of Winds Witch* Twa Corbies
The Effigy Ye Birds and Ye Beasts Royal Green
Heartbeat of Creation La Figlia di Diana Witches’ Brew Blues
The King of Hearts Three Carols for Yule:
The Pen Is a Magic Wand
The Realm of Faerie Masters in This Hall Letter To Anne Frank
The Pipes of Pan • The Holly King Drawing Down the Moon
Come, Witches, to the Dance!* • Our Lady Greensleeves Wintry Skies*
Doors of Wonder Eternal Child
Witches and Amazons Lion-Hearted Woman
Beneath the Silvered Moon The Pentacle and the Rose
The Goddess Sings Swan Song
Isis .
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