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Mistress of the Mysteries

“Mistress of the Mysteries”
words and music by Lady Isadora
©1990, 2010

Sun and Moon shine down upon me
As I walk along the road
This Road of Life to these
Crossroads of Decisions
I can feel it in my bones
I’ve got a long, long way to go
And a long wait for the answers
To my questions

I have traveled many miles
And I’ve wandered many lands
Exploring that strange realm between
A woman and a man
Yet each time I’ve nearly perished
Yes, each time I’ve lost my way
But my legs and heart grew stronger
For the faring

So I will dance my demons into the dust
Of Holy Mother Earth
Lady, take my tears and trials
Into Your keeping
Let the measure of my footsteps
Be a drumbeat to my soul
Let it waken all my senses
From sad sleeping!

There’s a King who haunts my visions
And he will not let me be
I keep thinking that
I’m sure to find him somewhere
For the power of my love
Could tear the stars down from the sky
But I think I’d really rather
Leave them up there

Just when old Hecate’s whispering in one ear
To forswear all thoughts of men
I hear Aphrodite whispering in the other
.....(“Love him, Isadora!”)
Shall I roam the untamed wilds
Or stay safely here at home?
That’s a question I’ll leave open
To the Mother

She’s the Mistress of the Mysteries
The Keeper of the Keys
And She knows just when to close
And when to open
And the power of Her love
Created all the Earth and Sky
And She always gives an answer
To your questions
Yes, She always gives an answer
If you’ll listen
Yes, She always gives an answer
Just be open

“Mistress of the Mysteries”
from The Queen of Earth & Sky
by Lady Isadora
©1990, 2010
Dance of Life Productions (ASCAP)

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