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After the Death of Arthur

Arthur's Tomb: The Last Meeting of Lancelot and Guinevere by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

“After the Death of Arthur”
words and music by Lady Isadora
©1981, 2006, 2010

After the death of Arthur
After the fall of man
The sky hung like a question mark
Above the battered land
Someone sang his funeral dirge
And someone dug his grave
Now I have dug him up again
To see what I can save

Queen Guenevere was envious
Of the crown that Arthur wore
Hers was just a decoration
When it could have been much more
She was just another ornament
Like the jewels in her throne
Like the jewels in the fatal sword
That brought King Arthur down

Now Arthur’s bones are restless
No tournaments today
No knightly deeds, no sacred quests
No dragons left to slay
O Arthur, can I help you?
How can I ease your pain?
I’d give the world if I could bring
Your kingdom back again

“After the Death of Arthur”
from The Witching Hour
by Lady Isadora with Lord Pan
©1981, 2006, 2010
Dance of Life Productions (ASCAP)

How Queen Guenever Made Her a Nun by Aubrey Beardsley

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