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Priestess of the Pentacle

“Priestess of the Pentacle”
words and music by Lady Isadora
©1990, 2010

I’m a Priestess of the Pentacle
I’m a daughter of the dream
I was born to the broom one brooding February
In that old sun sign notorious
The one with the water jar
When people find out I’m an Aquarius, they say:
“That’s why you are the way you are!”
Crazy lady reaching for a Star

You were my initiation
To cup and wand and knife
You used me as both sacrifice and altar
You’re the priest with the magic potion
To ease the bloody pain
When you fill me with emotion
Then empty me again

When I think it’s gonna drive me crazy
When it’s all too much for me
Processions of queens and priestesses
March out of history
They circle ’round my bed of slumber
With a cosmic pep-talk to help me along
With such devoted fairy godmothers
How can a girl go wrong?

Well, I swear by my moon in Gemini
And my rising Scorpio
By all my pain and passion
And by everything I know
I’m gonna make those ladies proud of me
I’ll do this Dance of Life up right!
These funky glass slippers
Might get cracked a bit
But I’ll be kicking up my heels in the Light
Before the clock of my life strikes midnight

If Prince Charming turns into a pumpkin
And the whole thing goes up in smoke
Don’t lose your sense of humor
Even the Goddess loves a good joke!
Sometimes She likes to keep us guessing
About those matters of the heart
So She invented the art of divination
So at least we could get a head start
On all those questions that tear us apart

Now the High Priestess sits and wonders
What the next card dealt will be
While the Hermit with his lonely light stands waiting
The Devil’s got the Empress
And the Emperor in chains
You know, we’ve got to get
That old Devil reversed
And the rest of us upright again!

That’s the text from my Book of Shadows
That’s the story of my life
Taking the bitter with the sweet
The chalice with the knife
The angst with the abracadabra
The wonder with the woe
To be a Priestess of the Pentacle
Is still the finest art I know
’Cos I’ve survived it to tell you so!

“Priestess of the Pentacle”
from Priestess of the Pentacle
by Lady Isadora
©1990, 2010
Dance of Life Productions (ASCAP)

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