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Table Round

Arthur and Guenevere Kiss Before All the People by H.J. Ford

“Table Round”
words and music by Lady Isadora
©1990, 2010

Ye knights and ye ladies of the Table Round
A new day is dawning and the lost is found
Guenevere and Arthur reign as before!
Come back to the Quest for the Holy Grail
You won’t need a sword or a suit of mail
Come as you are! What are you waiting for?
Unlock the fairy treasure
The royal pleasures that the Throne of Life can bring
That crowning glory when each woman’s a Queen
And each man a King

Sometimes the skeptics and scoffers will say to you:
“All that stuff about Camelot’s so uncool!
That’s dead and gone! It has no meaning today!”
But cold words from the cool ones can’t kill the dream
And the Pendragon pair are more than they seem
He is the Sun – She is the Land’s Sovereignty
Somebody changed the story
Charged with adultery the Mother of the Land
The Queen of Life is not beholden to save Herself
For one man

O have you heard that there are street-corner preachers
In the world today
Who think Jesus died to take their minds away?
I know they’re wrong – I know that we’re not deceived!
But they’ll tell you “the devil” has got your soul
They’ll rant and they’ll rave with their rigmarole
Don’t let them win! Stand up for what you believe!
They’ll throw the Book at you
Try to convert you to the Father and the Son
There’s something missing when they leave out the Mother
Of everyone
Don’t let them bring you down!
Ye priests and ye priestesses of the Earth
Come drink from Her grail of the soul’s true worth
The whole wide world shall be Her Table Round!

“Table Round”
from Priestess of the Pentacle
by Lady Isadora
©1990, 2010
Dance of Life Productions (ASCAP)

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