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words and music by Lady Isadora
©1981, 2006, 2010

The white wings of Isis
Have scattered the last golden rays
Of the departed Sun
For the Moon alone is privy
To the secret flights of Isis
To these secret flights
Of the soul’s loftiest yearnings
Whereto Her temple stands
In sacred witness

Isis... Isis... Isis... Isis... Isis...

The Moon holds court above the Nile
A Queen in spectral splendor haunts the shore
Her body lures, her eyes beguile
Dead lovers cry for mercy as before

And a song she sings to the Lady of Night
The words no mortal man may understand
“O Moon of Pain, Moon of Delight
Let fall Thy silver sceptre to my hand

“For I would rule in Thy fair name
Creation’s crown and throne belong to Thee!
Let woman cleanse what has been profaned:
The Moon, the Earth, the Stars, the Sky, the Sea!

“Hearts turn cold and eyes go blind
And ears long deaf hear not their Mother’s call
Now is the need, now is the time
Before Thy wayward sons destroy us all!”

Full and bright She rises
She whose ancient glory waned too soon
Isis, O Isis
Come down from the Moon!

from The Witching Hour
by Lady Isadora with Lord Pan
©1981, 2006, 2010
Dance of Life Productions (ASCAP)

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