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Witches and Amazons

“Witches and Amazons”
words and music by
©1981, 2006, 2010

Witches and Amazons
Matriarchs long gone
Driven from history
By canines and patriarchs
Vicious of bite and bark
Running us up a tree
But now it’s getting too crowded for me
And it’s high time we jumped and got free!

Once we were sovereign
Subject to no men
Honored in song and stone
Envious reverence
Fell prey to violence
And we were overthrown
Now Mother Earth can’t return to Her own
While this pretender still sits on Her throne!

CHORUS (two interwoven vocals):

I dreamed I stood in a church and just stared
To find the Goddess enshrined even there
I saw a statue of Mary on high
But there were tears in those masquerade eyes

Ave Maria
Lacrimae plena
Mater Dolorosa
Ave Maria!
Hail Mary
Full of tears
Mother Dolorous
Hail Mary!

We have been brutalized
Baptized with cruel lies
Taken by saints and thieves
Objects of knavery
Subject to slavey
Deified then deceived
But now we’re going to be what we please
For Goddess’ sake, get up off of your knees!

Sisters, cast off this yoke
Hewn from our sacred oak
Priestesses, rise from pain!
No longer shall we kneel
Under the Tyrant’s heel
To his false god again
Unhallowed be his name!
He has taken the world in vain!

CHORUS (two intevwoven vocals):

For in my dream that stone Madonna came alive
Not at all like their meekness and mildness jive
And Her voice rang like bells as She said:
“It is I who will rise from the dead!”

Ave Maria
Coeli Regina
Domina tecum
Ave Maria!
Hail Mary
Queen of Heaven
The Lady is with Thee
Hail Mary!

Puppets and paper dolls
Fallen women all
Acting out dumb broad roles
Ladies and lesbians
Goddesses unsung
Slumber in all your souls
Why should a Queen have to do as she’s told?
Let all the majesty in you unfold!

Witches and Amazons
Matriarchs long gone
I know your history
And I will keep it alive in me

“Witches and Amazons”
from The Witching Hour
by Lady Isadora with Lord Pan
©1981, 2006, 2010
Dance of Life Productions (ASCAP)

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