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The Pentacle and the Rose

“The Pentacle and the Rose”
words and music by Lady Isadora
©1990, 2010

I am a woman of many passions
A singer of many songs
I wear a gown of many colours
And I speak in many tongues

In a dream I stood in Love’s shining castle
’Neath a sky full of rainbows
And the Sun poured down through a stained-glass window
Of a Pentacle and a Rose

I danced at dawn in a sweet green meadow
Twining flowers in my hair
I opened my arms to the sound of Love’s footsteps
But there was no one there

Until I die
I’ll wonder why

So I sang alone in an echoing hallway
To a shadowed tapestry
Of a fair young knight in a suit of armour
Who was shielding his heart from me

Seems so many love only on the surface
But it’s never really enough
Sex appeal and small talk, maybe affection
But there’s so much more to love

Don’t be afraid
For this we’re made

Love should seize you with a royal passion
Love should rock you to your soul
But not tie you up or tear you down
Love should keep you free and whole

It opens up your eyes and shows you
Things you’ve never seen before
At first it scares you and then it hits you
This is what you’re living for

Don’t let it go
O, don't you know

Love wakes you joyful in the morning
And it melts you in the night
It drives away the demon darkness
Leaves you shining in the Light

O, can’t you see?
Listen to me

Though the road to love is not always easy
There’s such treasure at the end
Don’t turn away when true love comes to you
It may never come again
And yes, I love you, my friend

“The Pentacle and the Rose”
from The Queen of Earth & Sky
by Lady Isadora
©1990, 2010
Dance of Life Productions (ASCAP)

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