Andred and Isadora at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, August, 2005,
photographing each other's favorite goddess. They like Diana alot, too.
A longtime favorite local statue of the Eternal Queen of Heaven in Her guise as Mother Mary, photographed by Isadora in 2004. The RC Church portrayals sometimes take away Mary's breasts in an obvious attempt to "de-sex" Her, but they don't dare take away Her crown.
A medieval figure of "St." Mary Magdalene. According to some centuries-old "heretical" legends and traditions, she was no former prostitute, but the primary apostle rather than "St." Peter, the wife of Jesus, a vessel of the Goddess or feminine face of "God", and even "the Holy Grail" Herself. Also photographed by Isadora, Metropolitan Art Museum, NYC, August, 2005.

Botticelli’s Primavera (“Spring”)

Iduna, sometimes misidentified as Freyja,
by Arthur Rackham

Athena by Gustav Klimt

Who is this Mystery Goddess?
Why does Isadora identify with Her image?

More Goddesses forthcoming...

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