In Memoriam


Iowa farm girl. Danish, Scots, & English ancestry. Second of five children. Reader. Dreamer among trees & flowers. Dancer down lanes & in fields. High school basketball-player. Artist. Calligrapher.  Wife. Mother. Girl Scout leader. Ballet mom. Dance costume seamstress. Little League mom. Community theatre make-up artist. University administrative assistant. Traveler. Progressive political activist. Anti-war demonstrator. Staunch member of the Women's International League for Peace & Freedom. Folk music & protest song enthusiast. New York Yankees devotee. Knitter. Cat-lover. Ace Scottish country-dancer. Witch. Ritualist. Pianist. Soprano recorder-player. Goddessy alto. Heart-stopping big blue eyes. Dubbed by granddaughter Andred "the Danish Ava Gardner". Descendant of Robert the Bruce (King Robert I of Scotland) via descent from President James Monroe. An incomparable woman of insight, forthrightness, backbone, & absolute integrity. Admired & respected by all who knew her, not least by her loving daughter.


New York City boy. English, Scots, & Welsh ancestry. Youngest of seven children. Son of a NYC architect. Grandson of a New York Metropolitan Museum of Art painting restorer. High school track athlete. College track & cross country athlete. Army Air Corps soldier. English, Speech, Drama, & Debate teacher. Husband. Father. Track & cross country coach. High school Relays director. College Relays official. New York Yankees fan. Traveler. Britophile. Master craftsman. Mr. Fixit. Golfer. Hunter. Fisherman. Community theatre actor. Mimic. Humorist. Storyteller. Raconteur extraordinaire. Reader. Music lover. Descended from a Saxon chieftain, Kentish knights, a Welsh poet, & the Stewart & Macduff clans of Scotland. Movie star handsome. Bing Crosbyesque baritone. Cheerful whistler. Loved people. Always had a twinkle in his bright green eyes. Full of fun. Fantastic friend. Would give his last dime & the shirt off his back to help someone, & tell them a joke besides. His daughter's hero. The greatest guy who ever lived.

Rest in peace and reincarnate in glory!

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