Reprinted Articles

Lady Isadora at the 1981 Pagan Spirit Gathering in Wisconsin,
photographed by Lord Pan.

“Bardic Circle” articles on The Witches’ Voice website
“Witch” June 21, 2005
“Wintry Skies” October 31, 2005
“Masters in This Hall” December 21, 2005
“Come, Witches, to the Dance!” April 30, 2006
“Swan Song” October 13, 2006
“The Goddess Sings” July 7, 2007
“Samhain Fires” Novermber 5, 2010

Romancing the Muse: A Ninefold Strategy

The Guitar is a Sixfold Goddess:
and Other Mysteries of Life as a Pagan Recording Artist

The Goddess Sings

more coming soon!

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