Isadora Greensleeves conducting a Yule ritual in the
late '90s in a favorite spot: the beloved old basement
of the family farm, where her late grandfather's
and uncle's tools have been left as they were... and
where the smell of her grandfather's pipe tobacco
sometimes still manifests during the holidays.

Isadora and Andred in their Yule finery at the family farm,
about 1992. Isadora's brother in the background appears
to be checking out his hair in a nearby mirror -- or is he
just working some furtive hocus-pocus?

Baby Andred's first Yule, 1982,
with Great-Aunt Melva.

Baby Isadora, Yule 1953, looking as if Santa had only
brought her an old shoe (actually her grandmother's)
instead of the nice dolly at right.

Little Dizzy Aura in her "little" red shoes,
showing off the well-worn seat of her overalls--
probably from sliding down the bannister WAY too
often-- about 1958.

Santa Andred deftly stringing cranberries for the Yule tree, 1989.
Note 300-year-old family heirloom cauldron from New England at left.

Andred at the farm, Yule, 2004.
Note humorous caption on shirt -- a whimsical gift from Mama Isadora.
("Cute Boys and snow toys -- first annual Snow Fest")

Isadora WonderWitch very happy with a favorite Yule gift in 2001.
Stay tuned for Isadora's forthcoming new album
Goddess Rest Ye Merry Gentlefolk, and visit the page for the title track.

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Three Carols for Yule:
Masters in This Hall * The Holly King * Our Lady Greensleeves

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